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  • Ease of meeting new people
  • Few features available in the free version
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Singles50 Review

Singles50 is one of the best dating sites for those over 40 years old.

This portal is in the category of matchmaking sites which means that the site works with an algorithm that matches profiles with others based on your tastes and preferences.

On Singles50 you will find many users, more than 700,000. The portal will choose for you the profiles closest to yours and will propose them to you.

The matching phase where there is a real personality test is very interesting.

Furthermore, Singles50 is present in more than 35 countries so you can meet people from all over the world.


Does it work?

The answer is yes, Singles50 works. This site was created to meet the needs of the no longer very young.

Indeed, after the age of 40, it is more difficult to find love for several reasons:

  • work commitments
  • fewer socialization opportunities
  • fear of being intrusive or misunderstood


Singles50 was born to help those in this age group and thanks to the large number of registered users it is easy to meet new people and, why not, even a new love.


Why choose Singles50?

Compared to other dating portals, you must be over 40 to register on Singles50.

So if you are in the age range of 40+ and are looking for a person of your age, this site is for you.

Furthermore, thanks to the matchmaking system you will find profiles of people who respect your preferences.

Whether you are looking for new love or just a friendship, Singles50 could be for you.


Are you over 40 and are you afraid of not finding a soul mate?

Many people who are over 40 think it is too late to meet the right person. The reasons are many such as the lack of opportunities to meet people, especially now after the pandemic.

Furthermore, the interfaces of many dating portals are too complicated and dedicated to a younger audience who have other goals and use different ways of communicating.

For this reason, even many over the 50s who try to use dating sites to get to know someone feels lost.

Singles50 was born to solve this problem by creating an appropriate environment for the over 50s. A simple interface and various services to easily overcome the fear of the approach.

An example is the “icebreaker questions” thanks to which a person can answer questions on a given topic and you can see if you have something in common.

An easy way to start a conversation and, why not, find a person to share passions with?


What people are on Singles50?

Users on Singles50 are mostly women, i.e. 57% women and 43% men.

In total, there are 766,000 subscribers on the portal, a number that continues to increase daily.

The site’s users are all over the age of 40.


How to create a profile on Singles50

To register for Singles50, simply click on the following link Sign up for Singles50.

After clicking on register now for free the registration process will begin. You will also have to answer the questions useful for the match method we talked about in the previous paragraph.

Also, you will need to upload your photo.


Questions to improve your profile

While using the site, you will be asked to answer questions to complete your profile.

It is very important to answer these questions both to have a more attractive profile and also because thanks to these proposals, the site will offer you new profiles of people who are similar to you.


Tips for success on Singles50

To be successful on Singles50 you will need to create an attractive profile.

  • Spend time writing your messages and try not to be discounted.
  • Upload quality photos and not just selfies
  • The first message is the most important. Don’t copy paste but try to always make it personal and unique
  • Answer the questions carefully to improve your profile.
  • Use icebreakers but always send a personal message
  • Subscribe to premium. It’s the only way to get to know someone on Singles50


Price of Singles50

You can register on the site for free and create your profile and start interacting with other users.

The price of Singles50 Premium starts from AU$ 29.95 per month for the 12-month.


Singles50 Premium

After upgrading to Singles50 Premium you will be able to use the portal fully.

One of the features that we liked the most about this portal is its simplicity, even the Premium version.

There are no tokens to buy to have additional functions or send messages.

Once you become a Premium member, you can access all the site’s features in full.

Premium users can:

  • See all user pictures
  • Send and receive unlimited messages
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • Add contacts to your favorites
  • Play in or not unlimited


We advise you to access the Premium version as soon as possible after registering so as not to miss out on interesting opportunities.

Some users wait to answer all the questions to have a complete profile but the affinity test is mainly based on the answers given during registration.

The answers to the following questions proposed by the site are placed on your profile and can become icebreaker questions for other users.

The fundamental thing, in this as in many other dating portals, is to try to immediately make a good impression during the first messages.

Without a subscription, it is impossible to send messages so if you want to get to know someone it is essential to upgrade to premium.


Premium offer

The cost of the premium subscription starts at AU$ 29.95 per month for the 12-month subscription.

For those who want to try for a shorter period, 3 and 6-month subscriptions are also available.

The prices are:

  • AU$ 79.95 per month for 3 months;
  • AU$ 39.95 per month for 6 months;
  • AU$ 29.95 per month for 12 months.


Singles50 Free

As already explained, signing up for Singles50 is free and after signing up there are also some free features that will allow you to understand how the site works.

The free features are:

  • in or not (limited to 7 profiles per day)
  • answer icebreaker questions from other users
  • Receive answers to your icebreaker questions
  • Answering questions for completing your profile
  • Personality test
  • Upload photos
  • See who’s online
  • Use advanced filters to search for profiles
  • Visit other users’ profiles
  • Send emoticons
  • See the compatibility criteria of a profile


In the free version, you can already start contacting like-minded people through icebreaker questions.

You can skim similar profiles through the advanced search engine and read all the profiles.

You can also answer icebreaker questions from users you like and see the compatibility criteria.

With the free version, sending messages is not allowed, so we advise you to choose a subscription and a profile you are interested in.

Another drawback of the free version is that almost all user photos are blurry.

The purpose of the free version is to start getting familiar with the portal and its functions.


Features of Singles50

To help the more awkward users or those who have absolutely no idea what to write in a first message, Singles50 offers functions to break the ice with any profile.

Among these are:

  • Icebreaker questions
  • In or Not
  • Sending Emoticons



The search function surprised us with its effectiveness and the many filters available.

You can choose from the following filters:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Location
  • Education
  • Yearly income
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Smoke
  • Children
  • Figure (slender, normal, robust)
  • Other (religion, etc.)

Access to personal images

Most users set their photos to hide to preserve their privacy.

To see someone’s photos just contact them and, if the person is interested, they will make them visible to you.


In or not

In or Not is a now famous feature that is present in many portals.

Singles50 will offer you some profiles everyday and you will have to choose with a tick or an X if you like the profile photo or not.

If so, a personal message will be sent to the user stating that you liked the photo.



The matching method works in two stages.

You will encounter the first phase right at the time of registration when you will have to answer a series of questions useful for the Singles50 algorithm to find people who are similar to you.

The questions cover the following categories:

  • Lifestyle
  • Looks
  • Age
  • what are you looking for in a person
  • questions about yourself
  • How do you handle feelings?
  • What characteristics do you think you have?
  • What would you not use to describe yourself?
  • your physical appearance, lifestyle, work, and education


After you have answered all the questions and concluded the registration phase, Singles50 will immediately suggest you some profiles of people in your area who have a similar profile to yours.

The matching system doesn’t end there though.

While using the site, you can update your profile by answering questions that are suggested by the portal, such as those relating to your favorite movies and your hobbies.

Thanks to these answers you will be able to increase the number of people similar to you.


Send emoticon

By visiting a compatible profile it is also possible to send Emoticons.

There are 6 Emoticons available:

From our point of view, it is not exactly ideal to start a conversation with someone but everyone has their strategy


Icebreaker questions

When visiting a person’s profile, you can click on the “break the ice” button at the top of the page.

After clicking, questions chosen by the user will appear and you will have to answer them.

The answers will then be sent to the user in the form of a personal message.

If the user will like your answers, there will be a good chance of being contacted.



The chat is well done and, in addition to sending text messages, it allows you to show your photos to the user we are talking to.

It also allows you to send emoticons.


Video call

For Premium users, the video call function is also available. Ideal if you don’t like typing from your phone or computer and, above all, it allows you to see the person you’re talking to.


Real-life review of Singles50


Matteo’s story

I was 55 when I divorced my wife after 15 years of marriage.

Even though I was over the separation, I couldn’t meet new people.

I had limited time to attend events and even finding the right events was difficult since I live in a small town. It seemed impossible to meet new people.

On the few occasions I’ve had to meet an attractive woman I didn’t feel comfortable taking the first step and after some disappointment, I decided to look for an alternative on the internet.

At first, just out of curiosity, I started chatting on some websites. The first exchanges were fine but due to age differences and different interests everything ended after a few conversations. Also, I found it inconceivable that many of these sites would ask me to purchase credits just to send messages or view profiles.

After a few tests and also reading several reviews, I signed up for Singles50.

I liked this site from the beginning for its easy registration method.

After the initial test, I was surprised at how many profiles of my peers there were in my area.

I met my current partner by answering her icebreaker questions. We have several interests in common and it was easy to start a conversation at first.

She was a bit reluctant to meet me at first, so we made several video calls before the first appointment.

Singles50 is a site that has helped me and I recommend it to all older people like me who are looking for a simple and easy-to-use dating site where they can meet people our age.


Final thoughts on Singles50

Singles50 is the ideal portal for those over 40 who want to meet new people.

It is dedicated both to those who want to meet a soul mate with whom to have a long-term relationship and to those who are single by choice and are not interested in a serious relationship.

Many interesting are the icebreaker questions thanks to which you can make a quick skimming of many incompatible profiles.

The price is also very attractive and, once you become a premium user, there will be no additional costs to send messages or access any other function.




Anonymity on Singles50

Privacy on Singles50 is a core value. For this reason, you can choose whether to make your photos public or to show them only to a single user.


Singles50 Security

To improve security even when meeting in real life, Singles50 has introduced the video call function. Thanks to this feature you will be able to talk to and see the person before the meeting.


Contract withdrawal

To terminate the contract, simply contact assistance at the following email [email protected]

How to join Singles50

To register for Singles50, simply click on the following link join Singles50.

After clicking on register now for free the registration process will begin. You will also have to answer the questions useful for the match method we talked about in the previous paragraph.

Also, you will need to upload your photo.

However, you can change the photo at any time.

At the end of the registration phase, you will have to choose whether to continue with the site’s free mode or switch to premium.


How to create an ideal profile on Singles50

To create a good profile on Singles50 you will need to honestly answer the questions that the site will ask you. Also, you will need to upload quality photos and write something interesting as a personal message. The site will do the rest by offering you profiles that are compatible with yours.


Is Singles50 a scam?

Singles50 is a very famous site in the world. It is not a scam.


How much is Singles50

The starting cost to access the premium site is AU$ 79.95 per month for 3 months


How do I delete my profile on Singles50?

To cancel just go to the:

  • my profile
  • settings
  • click on “delete profile” below
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