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Explore secret desires on Ashley Madison, a space where limits fade and discreet connections meet their match.
Singles50 is a dating site for people over 40. Thanks to affinity tests you can easily find people with common interests.
With Be2 you can easily get in touch with interesting people with whom you can build a stable relationship or friendship.
Single40sDating is for forty-year-olds looking for a serious relationship. Use the matching system to get to know compatible people.
C-Date is a leading European casual dating site, aimed at sparking passion through unforgettable encounters for those seeking excitement.
Academic Single works! You can also search by annual income, job type, and education level.

Would you like to feel butterflies in your stomach? Meet someone new who makes you feel strong emotions thanks to the most reliable online dating sites.

Read our reviews to discover the best dating websites in UK 

The web is your best ally if you want to meet new people given the large number of positive experiences of users who have been using online dating for years now.

Although up until a few years ago online dating seemed like something extravagant, today it is used by many people thanks to its ease of use.

Millions are registered users of online dating portals and hundreds are the success stories of couples who meet thanks to dating sites.


This is the story Melissa sent us:

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was my first time using an online dating site. My nerves were on edge as I clicked on Claudio’s profile picture.

Suddenly, his smiling face appeared on the screen looking at me.

I start reading his profile and I read:

“I’m looking for someone who loves adventure, someone who can go wherever life takes them.”

For some reason, that sentence struck me and I immediately clicked Send Message before my brain could have time to think too much about it.

If we’re going to be adventurous together, I thought, then let’s get started! My phone vibrated almost immediately with a response from him: “Hey!”


Sometimes it takes very little to find the person you are looking for!

Dating portals cater to every preference, niche, religion and sexual orientation and make beautiful couples every day.

How to choose the most suitable dating site for you? This is where Dolce Dating comes in.

Dolce Dating is here to help you find what you’re looking for and choose the dating site that’s right for you.


How online dating works

The beauty of online dating is the ease and speed with which you can meet new people with whom you have something in common.

The weak point is that it is very likely to stumble upon fake profiles but don’t worry because to make sure you don’t fall into a trap, we have compiled a list of suggestions that are right for you.

Check out some smart hacks that will take your online dating experience to the top:


  • A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not scrutinize yours? On the profile picture for Social and online dating, you will be able to find out if your photo works or not and you will read the tricks to never get a wrong photo again.
  • Wondering why you’re not getting all the interaction you want? Let’s take a look at your profile for dating sites. Follow our tips to make it stand out at its best


Myths about online dating sites

Let’s see together if the stereotypes about online dating sites are true:

  • “Online dating sites are not suitable for serious relationships”
    •  Wrong – There are different types of dating sites based on the type of relationship you are looking for. Many people have found true love thanks to these sites
  • “Dating portals are only for insecure and lonely people”
    •  Wrong – You can find any type of person on a dating site. People of all ages, genders and professions use online dating sites.
  • “You waste your time meeting so many people in vain”
    •  Wrong – It is true that not all acquaintances lead to a relationship but during your journey, you will meet many interesting people who will help you improve your approach and grow as a person.

Take advantage of the matchmaking services that some portals offer and you will increase the likelihood of meeting people who are more similar to your character.


Personality test and matchmaking

Dating sites use three methods to help you find the right person::

  1. Personality test. Some sites offer an initial personality test and compare your answers with those of other members to assess compatibility.
  2. Profile preferences. When you create your profile you can give indications of your ideal partner. The site will automatically suggest member profiles that match your preferences.
  3. Search If you have specific preferences about your future partner, search filters are of great help. The site will only show you profiles that match your preferences.


Different types of dating portals

Dating sites can be distinguished based on the type of relationship you are looking for.

Here is a general overview of what you can find:

  • Classic dating sites: they are platforms that are good for everyone. You can meet any type of person on a regular dating site.
  • Dating sites for serious relationships: These sites offer paid services to help you find the right match. Here you find people who are serious about starting a relationship and the percentage of fake profiles is very low.
  • Casual Dating Sites: For one-night stands or secret escapades these sites will help you get to the point without wasting time.
  • Dating apps: they are useful for users who, after initial online contact, want to meet in person. The apps are used with cellphones/mobile devices and thanks to your location they recommend profiles near you.
  • Dating sites for those over 50s: these sites are created to help people over 50 find love again. They are user-friendly sites with great customer support.
  • Ethnic Dating Sites: If you want to meet people of a specific ethnicity different from your own, it’s now much easier with these sites. You can talk to people both in your area and on the other side of the world and often these sites allow you to make voice calls even with people hundreds of miles away.
  • Adult Dating Sites: These sites display explicit content and offer services to both those who want to have only a virtual experience and those who prefer to meet in person.


What to Expect from a dating site

Dating portals have become so common that you can meet people of any age, origin or sexual orientation, and your chances of meeting the person you are looking for increase dramatically.


Can I meet someone interesting on online dating sites?

The experience on online dating sites can be a really fun journey. Once you choose the site that suits you best and creates a profile, the site will show you. match recommendations. Isn’t just the thought that one of those tips might be what you’re looking for exciting?


What kind of person uses online dating sites?

Most people registered on online dating sites are between the ages of 25 and 34. However, other age groups are not excluded and thanks to the search filters it is easy to find the right match that falls within your age group.

All types of people can use dating sites. You will find academics, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, students, traders and other professionals. Just take a look at the user profile to get an idea of the person you are chatting with.


Male/female percentage on dating sites

Depending on the site you may find a different percentage of male or female users. Often the male percentage has an advantage but in sites that offer paid services, this number is kept under strict control and there are many reduced-subscription offers dedicated to new female users.


Useful tips for using dating portals

Is this your first time on dating sites? Or have you already tried to use them but want to improve your online experience? has compiled a few tips to make this experience easy, fun and exciting.


Try different sites to find out which one works best for you

If you’re not sure what kind of experience or relationship you’re looking for, why not see what the market has to offer? Signing up to the sites is free in most cases so you have nothing to lose.

If you’re not sure where to start, head over to our ranking of the best online dating sites where we help you choose a safe and reliable dating site.


Work on your profile

After registering on a dating site, the first thing to do is to create a profile. The clearer your profile is, the more chances you have of meeting the right person.

Two fields you should never leave blank: photos and information


  • Your profile The photo is essential to increase your credibility and distinguish yourself from fake profiles. Use a photo that showcases your best angle. Avoid retouching and don’t post a photo that isn’t yours, it could be counterproductive.
  • Some sites offer the possibility to add not only the profile photo but also other images to put in your gallery. The more photos you add, the more you increase your credibility online. The number of users intrigued by your profile will be greater.
  • Post photos of yourself doing something you like. You will show others your personality and attract the attention of people on the same wavelength as you.


Once you’ve captured someone’s attention with your photo, get them to write to you intriguing them with your interests.

  • Fill the profile with interesting and honest answers, they will be a great conversation starter.
  • Indicate both the type of relationship you are looking for and what type of person you would like to meet. It will save you research time and increase your chances of success.
  • Please, don’t try to be someone you’re not. Authenticity and sincerity always pay off.


How to choose who to contact

Leave empty profiles alone and aim for those that have at least two photos and clear and interesting information. This type of user is serious about dating site and want to get to know someone.

Follow these tips to avoid mistakes:

Tip 1: Avoid profiles with fake photos

Don’t interact with profiles that use photos of actors or celebrities. Many dating sites check profiles for authenticity, but when they don’t, trust your instincts to recognize fake accounts.


Tip 2: Check the last seen

The date of the last login often appears on the user profile. If the date dates back to a few months ago, the user has probably stopped using the site and it is not advisable to send him a message. Some sites, in addition to the access date, also show if the member is currently online, which means that he is ready to interact with other people.


Tip 3: Search function and favorite list

Use the search function to find interesting profiles. You can save profiles to your favorites list if you are not ready to contact them or if you are already chatting and would like to find this person again.


How to get an idea of the person you are chatting with

A short exchange of messages is enough to understand if you feel comfortable with a person and would like to continue the conversation.

Tip 1: Start a conversation

Ask questions, tell anecdotes and try to understand the interests of the person you are chatting with.

Tip 2: Be clear about your intentions

Express sincerely why you are registered on the dating site and what kind of relationship you are looking for and try to understand if the person you are talking to is on the same wavelength as you.

Tip 3: Cross-check social media

If the conversation goes well and you feel involved then you can go to the next step and ask for contact on another social network. Look at the photos and the interactions they have with their friends, they will help you understand if you want to get to know this person.

Tip 4: Meet in person

When you feel that the understanding is really good then invite to go out in person! A face-to-face meeting will reveal if there is chemistry between you.

Tips on the first date in person

  • Choose a public place. A café / park/museum or any place where there are many people. Even if you think you know the other person from the messages you exchanged, you can never be 100% sure.
  • Be yourself. Authenticity and sincerity are the best weapons you have. Show yourself for who you are and what you can offer and you will see that the other person will do the same.

First dates can be filled with positive emotions! You don’t need to plan anything big. Follow our list of ideas on what to do on a first date and you’ll find what’s right for you.


Stay away from scams

As in real life, even in virtual life, you can encounter scams. The golden rule when meeting someone online is to never divulge your personal information such as your home address, the email address you use for your bank, password or credit card details.

There are also some fake dating sites. If after signing up and without even uploading your photo or any information, you already receive likes and messages here gatta ci cova! Trust only the best online dating sites with hundreds of reviews and great popularity.


Is signing up for a premium subscription worth it?

If you are serious about getting to know someone, premium memberships are sure to give you an edge.

As with everything in life, when you get extra help, it’s easier and faster to reach your goals.

How much did you wish someone had told you the tricks to pass that test? You would have gotten over it faster and without all that stress.

For online dating sites, it works the same way. Subscription services aim to give you extra help.


What do I get if I sign up for a subscription service?

Generally, the advantages are:

  1. Ability to interact with multiple people
  2. Fewer false or unserious requests
  3. Priority customer service for any problems or complaints
  4. Increased reliability. Subscribers to a subscription enjoy greater trust. Many more people will get in touch with you.


Each site offers different services, look at our reviews and find the portal that best suits you.

Keep in mind that registering and creating a profile are generally free features. Subscription services can be requested whenever you want.

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