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Matchmaking means setting up a marriage between like-minded people.

However, matching two people who have a similar personality, similar interests and outlook on life is not easy, as is finding a soul mate on your own.

And this is how the internet gives us a hand in this too.

Using a dating site can be difficult due to the many profiles of people present and the high number of images and information, but thanks to matchmaking systems, you will only be able to choose among the profiles most similar to yours and which reflect the characteristics you are looking for in a partner.


How matchmaking sites work for dating

Matchmaking systems of online dating sites are divided into 2 phases. 

The first takes place during the registration phase on the site and is used to generally identify your profile and what you are looking for in another person. In this sentence, you will have to answer questions concerning both what you are looking for in a person, from physical appearance to what you want in a relationship, and about yourself, for example, what are your hobbies and your job.

Thanks to the completion of this first questionnaire, the matchmaking portal will begin to offer you profiles that may be similar to yours. 

Phase 2 begins during the actual use of the site and you will be encouraged to answer other questions concerning your lifestyle and your tastes in different areas such as travel and sport.

The answers to these questions will allow the matching system to perfect itself in the search for profiles similar to you and will propose to you (and you will be proposed to) people with whom you have many more points in common and a higher percentage of affinity.

Furthermore, all the answers you have chosen will enrich your profile and you will be more likely to impress other users or they can be interesting stimuli in case you want to start a conversation with someone.


Users of online matchmaking sites

There are millions of users using matchmaking sites in Italy and they are constantly increasing.

In fact, within the sites you will be able to find many profiles similar to yours, people who have the same vision of the world and interests as you, with whom you can talk and meet.

Having a wide choice is important because in love you must never settle but look for the right person to live with whom you have the same inspirations.


Matchmaking sites are right for you if:

  1. You are looking for a lasting relationship
  2. You want to talk to a person before meeting them live
  3. You don’t want to spend big bucks to meet someone
  4. You want to meet people from different cities or states than yours


They are not suitable for you if:

  1. You are only looking for casual encounters
  2. Look only for free portals
  3. You don’t like chatting


Best matchmaking dating portals

Here is the list of the best matchmaking portals for dating that we have reviewed:


Online matchmaking free membership

All matchmaking sites allow you to join for free and answer questions to match with other profiles on the site.

The free membership also allows you to see which people you might be related to and to express your interest in the profiles you like.

However, the free profiles have limitations in the use of the site and do not allow, for example, to send messages to other users except for a short time.


Online matchmaking premium membership

We recommend that you keep your membership free only for the time necessary to fill out your profile and upload your best photographs to the site before switching to the premium version.

Thanks to the premium subscription you will have access to all the profiles of the other users and you will be able to send messages to all the profiles that are compatible with you.

In addition, other users will also see that you have a premium membership and it will show that you are actively looking for someone and that you are comfortable investing in finding the right person.


Traditional matchmakers

Matchmakers have existed for a very long time and, in many cases, correspond to the classic marriage agencies. These generally create profiles of their members with photos and through questionnaires. The agencies act as an intermediary between the members and then organize appointments.

Marriage agencies do not have a chat or video call system so you will meet the person chosen for the date without having ever spoken to them before.

Furthermore, often the pool of subscribers (or available profiles) is not very high so you are often forced to choose among a few people with whom to have an appointment. After having paid a Lauda registration it is not the best.

The cost for the traditional matchmaking service can even exceed 10,000 euros. The fact that a person has a similar profile to you does not mean that they are your soulmate and if you can choose to date only a few people, the probability of finding the right person could become very low.


How traditional matchmaking works

Matchmaking agencies mostly go through the following stages:

1. Preliminary interview

The first step of traditional matchmaking involves an interview during which you will be asked to answer questions and talk about yourself and your aspirations. This part will be essential for creating your profile. Additionally, other premium services like Personal Trainer or Fashion Consultant will also be suggested to you in case there is any need, to improve your chances of being successful during the next appointment stage.

2. Matching with other profiles

Your profile will then be analyzed and shared with the other members of the agency. At the same time, you will receive profiles of people who may be compatible with you.

If your profile has breached someone / or you will be offered to make an appointment.

Likewise, you will be offered to people you have expressed interest in.

3. Dating similar profiles

You will be set up meeting with profiles with which there has been an affinity.

On the day of the meeting, they will also give you advice on how to dress or what to say.

4. Final Feedback

At the end of each appointment, you will be asked to give feedback. If you have not received positive feedback, other profiles will be offered to you and you will be advised on how to act better next time.


Pros and cons of traditional matchmaking

Traditional matchmaking has pros and cons


  • Appointments are made directly by the agency. This way you get past the initial ice-breaking phase that can be difficult for so many people.
  • You will receive advice on how to improve yourself and how to act


  • Higher costs of online matching services
  • The number of subscribers is often very low
  • The fact that you haven’t started a conversation via chat or video call makes the appointment almost as if it were in the dark. You will know few things about that person and you will not know what you have in common.


The cons are the main reasons why we recommend using only online matching portals.

Furthermore, if receiving advice can be important, today there are many courses and magazines focused on personal improvement which are certainly much more specific than those of a marriage agency.


Best dating websites
Singles50 is a dating site for people over 40. Thanks to affinity tests you can easily find people with common interests.
Single40sDating is for forty-year-olds looking for a serious relationship. Use the matching system to get to know compatible people.
C-Date is a leading European casual dating site, aimed at sparking passion through unforgettable encounters for those seeking excitement.
Academic Single works! You can also search by annual income, job type, and education level.



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