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Single40sDating Review

Single40sDating is an ideal chat if you are looking for interesting encounters and stable relationships. It welcomes all age groups from 35 years of age and is a valid alternative to chats intended for the very young.

In fact, from the age of 40 onwards, singles have already had experiences, perhaps not successful, and are looking for people with whom to build a serious relationship.

Those who subscribe to Single40sDating can thus enter into relationships with people who have the same interests as them, thanks to an initial test that allows people to be filtered based on their profile. The presence of the video call is an added value precisely to promote knowledge and trust between contacts who can then decide without surprise whether to see each other outside the chat.

It’s not the right place for those looking for fleeting encounters, but it’s recommended for those who want a serious relationship.


Does it work?

Single40sDating is a chat that now has over 766,000 subscribers and can be used on the website and the app, which can be downloaded via Apple iTunes or Google Play.


Why choose Single40sDating?

Single40sDating gives you the chance to enter into a relationship only with compatible people, to remain anonymous and thanks to the video call you can know who you are dealing with before deciding whether to meet him in person.

Those who subscribe to a chat are almost certainly looking for a serious relationship, unlike free chats, and this makes the platform interesting for those who want something more than a casual meeting.


What people are on Single40sDating?

On Single40sDating we also find an excellent balance between men and women, who can in turn be interested in people of the opposite or the same sex.

Men are 57% and women 43%. This way everyone has an equal chance to meet new people.


How to create a profile on Single40sDating

Creating a profile is very easy! On the main page of the site, there is a small form where you can indicate your gender and that of the partner you are looking for.

At this point, the test starts with a series of questions on what the person you are looking for should be like age, place, and other questions to find out which personality can be more in line with yours. More questions follow to learn more about who you are. At the end of the test, you will be asked to confirm the email entered during registration.

Now you can start inserting your photos in your profile pictures, adding information about yourself, and interacting with the people that the algorithm suggests based on your tastes.


Tips for success on Single40sDating

To improve the approach, you can first insert realistic photos of your person, then enrich your profile with a short presentation of yourself.

To break the ice with other users you can take the first step, by sending three questions to start the conversation.


Price of Single40sDating

Registration and filling out the profile are free, but it is possible to subscribe to the Premium subscription to unlock all the functions. In that case, you can choose from the following options:

  • 3-month subscription: priced at £39,99 per month;
  • 6-month subscription: priced at £29,99 per month;
  • 12-month subscription: priced at £19,99 per month.


Single40sDating Premium

If you decide to subscribe to the Premium subscription, you will be able to see profile pictures clearly, send and receive unlimited messages, make video calls, and always find out who has visited your profile. You can also add the contacts that interest you the most to your favorites list.


Single40sDating Free

Single40sDating allows you to register for free on the platform, take the personality test and create your profile by uploading your photos. You can also start discovering the profiles selected for you and indicate whether they interest you or not. To unlock the other features you need the Premium version.


How to use Single40sDating

The portal is easy to use both from the app and the website. It has an intuitive interface and the initial test is useful for filtering only contacts with a profile in line with your tastes.


Login to Single40sDating

To log in, just go to the website or the app and enter the username you chose during registration along with the password you chose.



During registration, you can indicate your preferences on the city of the contacts that will be selected for you. This way you can decide whether to connect with people in the same city as you. You can also choose the orientation and religion of the person you are looking for.


Access to personal images

You choose whether or not to upload your images. Consider that if you are a premium user you can see the image of the others who have chosen to share it.


In or not

The in or not function allows you to quickly choose, with a small gesture of assent or dissent, whether to deepen the knowledge of the person that the algorithm has selected for you. If the profile seems interesting to you, you can accept to deepen your knowledge, otherwise, you can view the next proposal.



The site algorithm processes the information you provide in the initial test and selects only profiles in line with your interests. This way you get in touch with people who are compatible with you in terms of tastes and affinities. This increases the chances of being able to meet the person with whom to live a serious relationship.


Send emoticons

You can send and receive emoticons and greetings to the contacts you want. This makes the chat very pleasant and confidential.


Icebreaker questions

You can use the icebreaker questions suggested by the system to get to know the users better and likewise, you can answer their questions to get to know you more.



The chat is easy to use and very intuitive. You select the people you want to talk to and you decide who you share your personal information with.


Video call

Video calling is a very useful option for a chat because it allows you to see who is in front of you before meeting them outside. The video call reveals who is on the other side without tricks and deception and can give you the way and the time to understand if something can arise after an in-person meeting.


Questions to enrich the profile

The portal gives you a series of inputs to enrich your profile, for example, you can complete the sentence that begins with “You can contact me if …”. You can also add a short description of yourself that helps others get to know you better.


Thoughts on Single40sDating

Single40sDating is the chat platform for those who are tired of temporary relationships and are looking for interesting people with whom to build mature and lasting relationships.


How to make friends

To make friends, just update your profile with photos and content that reflect you, to allow others to see who you are and get to know you a little.

Asking questions, even with the help of those suggested by the platform, helps to start the conversation and slowly discover the person in front of you.



Is Singles40Dating é anonymous?

All the information you provide to the site is secure, to guarantee anonymity and protect your data.


Is Single40sDating safe?

Subscribers can count on the maximum security of personal data, which is not sold to third parties. Furthermore, those using video calls are protected by 128-bit SSL encryption.


How to terminate a Single40sDating subscription

If you have signed a paid contract, you can cancel up to 14 days before the conclusion of the contract – unless another cancellation deadline is specified in the payment phase.


To do this, just contact customer service by sending the communication to one of the following addresses: by fax at +44 207 7859384 or by e-mail at [email protected]


How to join Singl40sDating?

To register, just follow the instructions on the site and answer the questions that are asked of you in the initial phase.

At the end you will be asked to confirm your profile by email and once done the search for true love will begin.


How to create a suitable profile on Single40sDating?

To create an adequate profile, it is advisable to insert real photos and information that can intrigue other users and at the same time let you know. Better not lie, especially if you’re looking for a serious relationship.


Is Single40sDating a scam?

Single40sDating is a reliable site that has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Furthermore, DolceDating.com experts have tested this site and confirmed its reliability.


How much does Single40sDating cost?

For paid options, you can choose between subscriptions:

  • quarterly from £39,99/month;
  • half-yearly from £29,99/month;
  • yearly from £19,99/month.


How do I delete my profile from Single40sDating?

You can cancel your profile at any time if you have not subscribed to any subscription, by following the instructions:

  1. enter your profile
  2. go to the “Settings” section
  3. click on “Delete profile”


Alternatives to Single40sDating

Other platforms that may be of more interest to people looking for a serious relationship are truelifepartner.co.uk, be2.co.uk, and academic-single.co.uk.


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