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  • Personalized matchmaking for compatibility.
  • Rejuvenates social life, fosters connections.
  • Limited dating pool for seniors.
  • Technological barriers can hinder participation.

Rediscover love at 60+! 60sDating is great for new beginnings, lasting friendships, and exciting dates. Your perfect match is just a click away!

60sDating Review

60sDating is a stellar online dating platform for singles over 60. It offers a fresh start for those seeking love and companionship in their golden years, employing science-backed algorithms for personalized matches while prioritizing privacy and security. With a user-friendly interface, it’s an excellent choice for seniors seeking meaningful connections.

Does it work?

60sDating offers a fantastic platform for individuals over 60, accessible both through its website and the convenient mobile app, available for download on Apple iTunes and Google Play

Why opt for 60sDating?

It offers the opportunity to connect exclusively with compatible individuals, maintain anonymity, and use video calls to ensure you’re comfortable with your potential match before arranging an in-person meeting. Subscribers here are likely seeking serious relationships, setting it apart from free chat platforms, making it ideal for those seeking more than casual encounters

Who can you find on 60sDating?

This platform caters to individuals aged 60 and above, boasting a well-balanced mix of both men and women, all of whom may be interested in individuals of either the opposite or the same sex

How to create a profile on 60sDating

Creating a profile on 60sDating is a simple process. Begin by visiting the main site and filling out a brief form specifying your gender and the type of partner you’re seeking.

Next, you’ll embark on a compatibility test, answering questions about your ideal partner’s age, location, and more to align with your preferences. Additional questions will delve into your own personality. Finally, enter your email address and await a verification email to confirm your registration.

Now, you can upload profile pictures, share personal information, and connect with individuals recommended by the algorithm based on your preferences.

Tips for success on 60sDating

  • Enhance your profile by uploading multiple photos of yourself.
  • Add a brief introduction about yourself in the ‘personal message’ section.
  • Complete the sentence ‘you should contact me if…’ to let others know what you’re looking for.
  • Personalize your profile by responding to the website’s suggested topics.

To initiate conversations and break the ice with other users, consider taking the first step by sending three introductory questions.

Prices on 60sDating

Registration and filling out the profile are free, but it is possible to subscribe to the Premium subscription to unlock all the functions. In that case, you can choose from the following options:

3-month subscription: priced at 99,95 NZD per month;

6-month subscription: priced at 57,56 NZD per month;

12-month subscription: priced at 49,95 NZD per month.

60sDating Premium

By opting for the 40sDating Premium subscription, you gain access to several perks, including clear profile picture visibility, messaging, video calling, real-time profile visitors tracking, and the ability to add your preferred contacts to your favourites list.

60sDating Free

60sDating offers a free registration option, allowing you to take the personality test, create your profile with photo uploads, and begin exploring recommended profiles. You can express your interest or disinterest in these profiles. To access additional features, you’ll need the Premium version

How to use 60sDating

The platform is user-friendly, and accessible through both the app and website. Its intuitive interface, coupled with the initial test, effectively filters contacts matching your preferences

Login to 60sDating

To log in, simply visit the website or use the app, then enter your chosen username and password from the registration process.


You can upload a maximum of nine, and it’s recommended to:

  • Keep them up-to-date
  • Ensure your face and eyes are clearly visible
  • Reflect your personality
  • Showcase various poses, activities, or locations.

If you’re using the free version, you can view other users’ profiles, but their photos will be blurred. However, as a premium user, you’ll enjoy unrestricted access


The site’s algorithm analyzes the information you provide in the initial test and chooses profiles that align with your interests. This ensures you connect with people who share your preferences and affinities, enhancing the likelihood of finding a compatible partner for a serious relationship. You can always adjust your search preferences by clicking on the magnifying glass icon under ‘My Search.

Send emoticons

You can exchange emoticons with the contacts you wish to initiate a conversation with, adding a pleasant and confidential dimension to your chat.


Icebreaker questions

You can engage in conversation by responding to icebreaker questions on someone else’s profile. Similarly, you can choose some questions for others to answer on your profile to get to know them better.

60s-dating-ice break


The chat interface is user-friendly and straightforward. You can choose the individuals you wish to converse with and simply click on ‘write message.’ This feature is exclusively available to premium users.

Video call

Video calling is an invaluable feature in a chat, as it enables you to see the person on the other end before arranging an in-person meeting. It offers transparency, eliminating any potential deceit, and provides an opportunity to gauge compatibility before taking the next step in your interaction.

Thoughts on 60sDating

60sDating is the chat platform for those seeking meaningful, long-lasting connections rather than fleeting relationships.

Real life review of Oliver

“I’m Oliver, 65 years old, and I found myself on a new journey after my divorce. With my daughter’s encouragement, I gave online dating a shot on 60sDating. One evening, I stumbled upon Emily’s profile, a wonderful woman right here in Wellington, New Zealand.

We hit it off instantly, bonding over shared interests like hiking and classic literature. Our chat evolved into video calls, and our connection grew stronger. When we finally met at a cozy cafe, it felt like a dream come true. Emily was even more amazing in person.

Our first meeting was filled with laughter and undeniable chemistry. As time passed, we decided to move in together, and it’s been a fantastic adventure since. Love found me again, and I’m grateful for the chance to build a lasting relationship with Emily. It just goes to show, love can come at any age.”


Is Singles60Dating anonymous?

All the information you share with the website is kept secure to ensure your anonymity and safeguard your data.

Is 60sDating safe?

Subscribers can have confidence in the utmost security of their personal data, as it is not shared with third parties. Additionally, those utilizing video calls benefit from the protection of 128-bit SSL encryption

How to terminate a 60sDating subscription

Premium memberships must be terminated at least 14 calendar days before the contract’s expiration.

Termination can be done through the website or by contacting customer service.

  • For website termination, click ‘Cancel Membership’ on the Home Page and follow the instructions.
  • Otherwise, you can send an email from your registered email address to [email protected], including explicit written and signed cancellation instructions. Specify full name, registered 60sDating country, and email address in BLOCK CAPITALS.

Postal and fax termination methods are also available, using the following information be2 S.à.r.l., 13 rue du Commerce, L-1351 Luxembourg, Luxembourg or fax ((+61) 280 887 326)

If you buy the membership via the app:

  • For iOS App, you must terminate the In-App Purchase through the Apple iTunes App Store.
  • For Android App, the termination process depends on your chosen payment method (either through the 60sDating payment system or the Google Play Store).

Please note that deleting the profile does not terminate the paid contractual agreement; written cancellation is necessary.

How to create a suitable profile on 60sDating?

For a well-rounded profile, it’s recommended to include genuine photos and captivating information that piques the interest of other users while allowing them to get to know you. Honesty is key, especially when seeking a serious relationship.

How much does 60sDating cost?

For paid options, you can choose between subscriptions:

  • quarterly from 99,95 NZD/month;
  • half-yearly from 57,56 NZD/month;
  • yearly from 49,95 NZD/month.

How do I delete my profile from 60sDating?

You can cancel your profile at any time if you have not subscribed to any subscription, by following the instructions:

  1. enter your profile
  2. go to the “Settings” section
  3. click on “Delete profile”

If you’ve bought a membership, you must submit a written cancellation request to halt the payments.

Alternatives to 60sDating

Other platforms that may be of more interest to people looking for a serious relationship are Singles50

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