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  • Strong privacy features
  • Large, active user base
  • Intuitive, easy interface
  • Welcomes diverse relationships
  • Possible scammers
  • Past data breach issues

Over the years, Ashley Madison has cultivated quite the notoriety in New Zealand. As the pioneering platform for those seeking extramarital affairs, it’s certainly garnered its fair share of attention in the media. In this 2024 review, we aim to provide clarity on whether Ashley Madison aligns with your preferences

Irrespective of your relationship status – be it single, attached, or inquisitive – Ashley Madison presents an array of possibilities. With its extensive pool of “available” members, finding connections tailored to your desires can be effortless, provided you navigate the site judiciously. Our 2024 Ashley Madison review is here to furnish you with all the pertinent details and a comprehensive overview of the platform’s mechanics. 

Ashley Madison in Brief

Ashley Madison provides a discreet platform catering to individuals seeking extramarital affairs and casual relationships.

  • Privacy Emphasised: the platform offers features like private photo sharing and discreet payment methods that avoid explicit brand names.  
  • Membership Options: Membership is free for female users, while male members have a limited free option for interaction. To engage in meaningful conversations, male members need credits, which are acquired through purchases. The basic option allows the initiation of 12 conversations with different users, with subsequent messages to the same user being free after the initial one. See below for details on the credit system.
  • Security: While the platform acknowledges the presence of scammers, they are reportedly easy to identify.  

Ashley Madison is a reliable platform, offering a secure and discreet environment for those seeking connections outside of their primary relationships. 

How legit is Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison is considered legitimate for those seeking extramarital affairs and casual encounters rather than serious relationships.

How to send a message on Ashley Madison?

On Ashley Madison, female members can send messages for free. However, male members need to purchase credits to initiate communication. After the initial message, subsequent messages to the same member are free of charge.

How to message on Ashley Madison without paying?

Male members can explore the platform for free, gaining access to the interactions listed below. They can browse through profiles to get a feel for the site’s user base and discover intriguing profiles to connect with further, gauging whether it’s worth buying credits to start real conversations.

Here are the free interactions:

Add to Favorites: it allows you to bookmark profiles of interest. It’s a convenient way to keep track of members you find intriguing or would like to reconnect with later.

Send Winks: As a male user, you can use the “Wink” feature on Ashley Madison to express your interest in someone. The “winks” will be visible in the sent messages section.

Send Private Keys: Ashley Madison offers the option to send a “Private Key” to another user, which is another way to establish a connection without directly messaging. A Private Key is like an invitation, allowing the recipient to access your private photos and message you back.

However, it’s important to note that, to have meaningful conversations on Ashley Madison, you’ll generally need to buy credits, the platform’s currency. Policies and features can change, so check their website for updates. For a fuller experience, consider purchasing credits.

How to get credits on Ashley Madison?

  • Buy Credits: Look for the “Buy Credits” button on your account dashboard.
  • Select Credit Packages: Choose between the 3 available credit packages, offering flexibility in the number of credits you need.
  • Buy now: Click on “buy now” on the desired credit package. You will be prompted to provide payment details, with options including PayPal and credit cards.
  • MIC Option: Be aware that the payment page may automatically include a 30-day FREE Member-Initiated Contact (MIC) option, so review your choices carefully before finalizing your purchase. MIC option is explained below.

How much does Ashley Madison cost?

Ashley Madison offers three credit packages on their portal:

  • Basic: NZD 49.99 for 100 credits, equal to 12 regular messages
  • Classic: NZD 149.99 for 500 credits, equal to 62 regular messages.
  • Elite: NZD 249.99 for 1000 credits, equal to 125 regular messages, and a complimentary 30-day profile highlight.

Furthermore, if you select the “Basic” package, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire an additional 100 credits at half price and choosing the “Classic” package may offer you an extra 500 credits at a discounted rate.

For reference, sending a regular message costs 8 credits, and sending a priority message (which appears above regular messages) costs 13 credits. Thus, the Basic package permits you to send either 12 regular messages or 7 priority messages.

What is a Member Initiated Contact (MIC)?

The feature comprises 10 complimentary Private Key requests daily and 20 free Winks each day. Automatic renewal for MIC occurs at $29.99 per month after the initial 30 days unless you cancel. You can easily cancel your subscription anytime by accessing the Purchases page in your Account Settings.

Bonus Credits

You may receive bonus credits when your profile is new, although the pricing for these credits remains the same as regular credits.

Create your profile

To create a profile on Ashley Madison, follow these steps:

  • Basic Information:
    • Choose a unique nickname.
    • Provide your date of birth (only your age will be displayed).
    • Enter the city where you live.
  • Greeting:
    • Write a short greeting sentence (maximum 64 characters) to introduce yourself and set the tone for your profile.
  • Gallery:
    • Select a square profile picture.
    • Add up to 12 photos to your gallery, choosing a mix of public and private photos according to your preference.
  • Introduction:
    • Write an introduction about yourself, not exceeding 2000 characters. This should include details about your personality, interests, what you’re seeking on Ashley Madison and any other relevant information you’d like potential matches to know.
  • Interests & Desires:
    • Select from a list of interests and desires to help others understand what you’re looking for and what excites you.

Once you’ve filled out all the necessary information and uploaded your photos, review your profile to ensure everything looks good. Remember to strike a balance between being authentic and maintaining your privacy. Once satisfied, your profile is ready for others to view and potentially connect with you.

What does the heart mean on Ashley Madison?

Clicking the heart on Ashley Madison adds the profile to your favorites, indicating interest in reconnecting. It’s a way to bookmark profiles for future reference. You can access your favorites list in your account and opt to receive notifications when they log in, facilitating potential interactions with preferred users. When you add someone to your favorites they receive a notification message. You can find this message in your sent messages section.

What is a Wink?

A wink on Ashley Madison is a subtle way to express interest in another member. Each wink sent generates an automated message inviting the recipient to check out your profile and potentially initiate contact by winking back. You can find all the winks you’ve sent in the sent message section, making it easy to track your interactions and connections on the platform.

What is the reason for receiving responses to my Winks?

Receiving responses to your Winks can occur because female members have the option to engage in various ways, such as utilizing “Quick Reply” messages. These messages serve as automated icebreakers, indicating potential interest.

What is the key symbol on Ashley Madison?

The key symbol on Ashley Madison serves as a private key utilized by members to either request permission to view private photos on profiles they’re interested in or grant access to their private photos. When activated, it initiates a request to the profile owner, seeking authorization to access their concealed images. This feature significantly enhances privacy, empowering members to selectively share their private photos, thereby fostering a sense of discretion within interactions on the platform. For users with free accounts, the maximum number of requests you can send per day is three.
Please note: To share your Private Key, you need to have at least one active or visible photo in your Private Gallery. You can retract access to any Private Keys you’ve sent at any time.

What is the green dot on Ashley Madison?

The green dot typically indicates that a user is currently online and actively using the platform. It serves as an indicator to show other users that the profile with the green dot is available for real-time interactions, such as messaging or chat.

How to reactivate Ashley Madison account?

To reactivate a deactivated Ashley Madison account within the last twelve months, contact the Customer Service Team at [email protected]. An agent will assist in reactivating the account, preserving any positive credit balance. However, inactive accounts are permanently deleted after twelve months of inactivity, as outlined in Section 2.F of the Terms & Conditions. If an account was deactivated more than twelve months ago without an existing membership subscription, alternative options apply. Contact customer support for further guidance in such cases.

What does “collect message” mean on Ashley Madison?

A Collect Message is sent from a female member to a Full Member who lacks Credits to initiate contact. It costs five Credits to view and reply to these messages. Male members can’t send Collect Messages. To save Credits, review the sender’s profile before accepting a message. If interested, consider sending your own message instead of accepting the Collect Message. If you suspect a member is fraudulent, report them for a potential Credit refund.

Who is Ashley Madison?

The name “Ashley Madison” is not related to a person’s name or gender. Instead, it’s a combination of two popular names from the time when the platform was founded in 2001. The name was chosen to create a memorable and non-descriptive brand that would not give away the nature of the service.

The choice of the name “Ashley Madison” was strategic, as it allowed the platform to maintain a discreet and non-obvious identity, which was aligned with its mission of providing a service for individuals seeking extramarital affairs and discreet relationships. It is not meant to refer to a specific individual or gender but rather to create an easily recognizable brand name.

How does Ashley Madison show on credit card?

When you see a charge from Ashley Madison on your credit card statement, it won’t display the brand name explicitly. Instead, it will appear discreetly as either AMDA or AMDB followed by random numbers, depending on your location. This billing practice aligns with Ashley Madison’s commitment to privacy and secrecy. However, it’s essential to note that specific payment methods like iTunes, Apple Pay, and Google Pay may show Ashley Madison as the descriptor due to third-party labeling, which Ashley Madison cannot control.

Tip: keeping track of the date and amount of your payment to Ashley Madison will help you recognize the charge on your statement.


What is Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison is a popular online dating site, known primarily for facilitating extramarital affairs and discreet relationships. It stands out for its focus on privacy and discretion, offering features like anonymous profiles and discreet payment methods.

The site is designed to cater to both singles and people in relationships, providing a platform for those looking to spice up their love lives. Ashley Madison operates on a credit system for male users while offering free membership for female users. Despite a notable data breach in 2015, the site has a large user base and continues to be a well-known destination for those seeking discreet encounters.

Is Ashley Madison safe to use now?

Yes, Ashley Madison has significantly improved its security measures since the 2015 breach.

Can you really meet people on Ashley Madison?

Yes, many users report successfully meeting others with similar interests on the site.

Is Ashley Madison free?

The platform offers free membership for women. Men can join and create a profile at no cost, with basic interactions also being free. However, access to communication features necessitates the purchase of credits.

How does it work?

Users create profiles, buy credits to send messages, and interact with others looking for discreet relationships.

What makes it different from other dating sites?

Its explicit focus on extramarital affairs sets it apart from more traditional dating services.

Ashley Madison  
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