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The platform is a resource for those who want to meet people with whom to establish a serious relationship, be it friendship or something else. All the people proposed to you have already been selected for you, considering your preferences and your personality.

Among thousands of subscribers, you will certainly find interesting profiles and you will be able to meet people from every corner of the planet.


Does it work?

Be2 works because it is designed to allow you to easily get in touch with people who may interest you and with whom you can build a stable relationship or friendship.

Why choose Be2?

The portal favors those looking for a serious relationship because only people compatible with you are selected through the personality test.

Data security is another strong point, if we consider that all personal information and connection data remain anonymous.

The portal is open to everyone and is very easy to use.


What people are on Be2?

There are over 766,000 subscribers to the platform, and this allows everyone to get in touch with like-minded personalities!

57% of the members belong to the world of women, while 43% are men. Furthermore, there are no age limits: the platform is open to everyone!


How to create a profile on Be2

Creating a profile on Be2 is simple!

  1. Go to: Be2
  2. After selecting your genre, click on “Register now for FREE”.
  3. At this point, the virtual assistant asks you some questions that will serve to filter the profiles and let you get in touch only with those more in line with yours.
  4. After answering the questions, you can upload your photo and change it at any time.

Tips for success on Be2

Here are some tips to attract more users to your profile:

Upload quality photos and try to be yourself, to allow others to get to know you better.

Reply to messages and take care of your profile, enriching it with information about you.

Use icebreaker questions to start the conversation, but always add a personal touch afterwards.


Price of Be2

You can sign up for free but also choose to unlock more features with the premium version. In this second case you can choose between various rates:

  • 99,95 NZD per month for 3 months;
  • 57,56 NZD per month for 6 months;
  • 49,95 NZD per month for 12 months.

Be2 Premium

If you subscribe to the premium subscription, in addition to registering with the personality test and completing your profile, you can:

  • access all photos
  • send and receive unlimited messages
  • add a contact to your favorites
  • know who has visited your profile
  • use the video call function

Be2 Free

Even if you decide to use the free mode, you can use the features:

  • in or no
  • post icebreaker questions and answer those of other users
  • complete your profile
  • upload your photos
  • carry out the personality test
  • view the compatibility criteria of a profile
  • visit the profiles of other users
  • use advanced filters to search for profiles

Be2 Features

The site is safe and reliable, and this also allows you to choose how far you go.

You can decide whether to make a video call, who to talk to and when to stop it and your messages will always be anonymous and protected.



If you have clear ideas and want to select your users based on specific criteria, you can do it thanks to the filters! So you can choose your interlocutors for:

  • age
  • height
  • locality
  • training
  • annual income
  • alcohol consumption
  • smoke
  • children
  • build (slender, normal, robust)
  • and more

Access to personal images

You can decide at any time whether to make your photo public or make it appear blurred, thanks to the appropriate box. You can also decide to make the photo visible only to the contacts you prefer.


In or not

The in or not function is very useful because every day the portal selects a series of profiles based on affinities. You can decide by looking at the profile whether to accept the suggestion and deepen your knowledge or not.



Matchmaking is a very effective method to guarantee a selection of similar profiles because it is structured in two parts:


  • primarily during the registration phase when you are asked several questions to understand what your preferences are regarding the person you are looking for;
  • After registering, you can enrich your profile by answering other questions that allow users to get to know you better.


This procedure increases the possibility of getting in touch with people who are similar to you and what you are looking for.

Send emoticon

You can send a variety of emoticons in communications with other users. Maybe it’s not the ideal way to start a conversation, but in getting to know it it can help to express your personality.


Icebreaker questions

As the wording suggests, “icebreaker questions” are a great way to defuse early conversational awkwardness. They are structured in three specific questions that also allow you to know something more about the person in front of you.



The chat is intuitive and very easy to use! It allows you to send messages and emoticons.


Video call

Video calling is an important feature reserved for premium users. If you prefer to look the person you’re talking to in the eye, you can avoid texting and video calling them!


Questions to improve your profile

Once registered, it is possible to enrich the profile by adding further information useful to other users: sports, cooking, music, films and favorite books.


Other features

Among the other features not listed so far, also consider the ability to see who is online and know who has visited your profile.


Considerations on Be2

Be2 is the platform for those who want a friendship or a serious relationship because, unlike many other chats, there is an accurate analysis of the profile, which allows the algorithm to filter the contacts and present you only the users with whom there is a real affinity.


How to make friends

Making friends on Be2 is very simple because after registering you will already be offered user profiles in line with what you want. The platform allows you to select only people you can be interested in.

Furthermore, the interface is simple to use and all the features that support you will help you stay in touch only with whoever you want. You will then really decide what to share and to what extent.

Plus, there are no age limits, so any generation can find their soulmate on Be2.



Anonymity on Be2

To ensure maximum security and freedom, you decide who to show your photos to. You can also choose to show them to only one user.


Be2 security

All your data is protected and to help you decide more securely whether to start a relationship that goes beyond the web, you can use the video call function and see the person before a possible in-person appointment.


Termination of contract

If you decide to terminate the contract, you can send an email with your request to: [email protected]


How to join Be2

Registration takes just a few minutes.

Go to Be2 and click on “Register now for free”. At this point, answer the questions that help the system select the right users for you.

Then upload a photo of yourself and finally decide whether to proceed with the free version or subscribe to a premium subscription.

How to create a suitable profile on Be2

In a few simple steps, you can create a personalized profile. It is enough for you:

  • answer the questions
  • write something that represents you, perhaps indicating your preferences in terms of food, music, books etc.
  • upload quality photos
  • be honest with your interlocutors

Based on the information acquired, the platform algorithm will only direct you to profiles in line with yours.


Is Be2 a scam?

No, it has well over 750,000 registered people and is a well-known site both in the NZ and abroad.


How much is Be2

Access is free, but you can choose from various premium subscriptions starting at 99,95 NZD per month for 3 months.


How do I delete my profile from Be2?

If you want to delete your profile, you can do it in three steps:

  • go to “my profile”
  • click on “settings”
  • select the wording below “delete profile”



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