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If you have landed on Dolce Dating it is because you are looking for a soul mate, a person who shares your same passions, values and to whom you feel magnetically attracted with a unique and indissoluble alchemy.


To find the right person, there is no magic formula but you will have to face a search, meet people, sometimes many, and learn to know yourself and your symptoms that will make you understand when the person you met is the right one.


Finding your soulmate is a process

As you may have guessed, there are no magic formulas for finding a soul mate. Everything starts from a process that begins with knowing yourself. It is essential to have clear in mind what we are looking for in our ideal person and what our expectations are.

The soul mate must not be exchanged for love at first sight.

You can get to know people and be struck by their beauty, their charisma or something you feel inside, only to discover that you share little or nothing with them.

So before declaring eternal love to those you’ve known for 5 minutes, take the time to get to know her but let’s start from the beginning.


How to recognize your soul mate

To understand if we are facing our soul mate, we must first know who is our model of the ideal person. Who are we looking for? What are its values? His physical characteristics? His habits?

In this process it is sometimes easier to start from what we would not like in a person, what are those characteristics that we really would not like to see in our ideal person.

Of course, don’t focus only on the physical aspects because this could take away the possibility of meeting wonderful people.

Remember that in this first step, you have to understand what features you want in your ideal partner and sometimes it is the people we meet who inspire us.

So make a list of the qualities that you think your soul mate should have and above all the defects that you just don’t digest in a person.


How to find your soulmate

Now that we know what our soulmate should be like and we also know what her flaws are, how can we find her or him?

Well, your beautiful list of strengths and weaknesses will come in handy again.

You need to prepare questions to ask the people you meet to find out if they reflect your ideals.


Users: Hey Frank are you saying we’re going to have to test people we know?

Me: Yes exactly! This aspect is crucial!


Because one of the elements during the relationship-building phase is time spent with that person.

It is also important because, the more time we spend with someone, the more experiences we have with that person, and the higher the chances of falling in love.

This is one of the reasons why we often fall in love with the wrong person. We know she’s not the one, that she has flaws that we just can stand and yet we spend time with and grow fond of her.

At first, it’s always beautiful but then, sooner or later, the knots will come home to roost. And don’t say Uncle Frank didn’t warn you.

Ok, so make questions to understand if that person reflects the characteristics that your ideal partner should have.

Naturally, you don’t have to have an interrogation but a discussion in which you express your thoughts, tell of your experiences, and ask the opinion of the person you are meeting.

Decide whether to continue dating that person only if he meets your expectations. These expectations should also go beyond the physical aspect if we are looking for a soul mate and not for casual encounters.

If, as I hope, you have found something in common, an activity that you both like to do, the ideal would be to invite this person to that activity.

Having experiences with a person will tell you if they’re the one and create the foundation for a relationship.


Best sites to find your soulmate

The Internet has made meeting people much easier than before by erasing all spatial barriers.

On dating sites, you can take advantage of internal search engines and matching systems to find people with the characteristics you are looking for.

Thanks to these portals it is also possible to get to know people from other cities or other states and expand your search almost unlimitedly.

First, then remember that you will have to disconnect yourself from the internet anyway or you will be caught up in dating fatigue or you will be surrounded by profiles that you like so much that you don’t know how to choose. One more reason to have clear ideas about who you are looking for even before starting the search.

I want to make it clear that the internet and our beloved dating apps are not the only places to look for a soul mate.

A person who shares the same passions with you could be right in the place where you indulge in these beloved activities of yours.

Of course, it’s not always easy… If you are a heterosexual man who likes Latin American dancing or yoga, I’m sure you will have many opportunities to meet women, and vice versa it could be more difficult.

Furthermore, single people over 50 often have very busy lives and hardly have the space to attend events to meet new people. This is where dating sites come in handy once again.



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