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Top 4 Dating Sites in New Zealand
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Find love at 60+! 60sDating offers new beginnings, lasting friendships, and memorable exciting dates just a click away.
40sDating is for forty-year-olds looking for a serious relationship. Use the matching system to get to know compatible people.
Singles50 is a dating site for people over 40. Thanks to affinity tests you can easily find people with common interests.
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Online dating sites are websites that allow you to meet people remotely.

Many of these portals are freely accessible to all.

Online dating is often just the first step in starting a relationship and the preamble to a real, in-person meeting.

What fascinates me about this new way of getting to know people is the possibility of being able to meet anyone and being able to eliminate the barriers of space and, often, even personal ones such as fear of the first approach.

Entering the world of virtual dating and finding the right person is simple, just follow our advice!


What Dolce Dating offers

  • Reviews of the best online dating sites to find the site that’s right for you
  • Clear and effective comparisons
  • Updates on current trends
  • Comparison of subscription costs and features offered by each site
  • Targeted advice to improve your approach techniques
  • Profile optimization services


Dolce Dating is a comparison portal for online dating sites. Through our site, you can read reviews and access all the extra features offered by dating sites at a discounted price. We are here to help you find your perfect match!

We are working to provide you with valid evaluations, effective recommendations and help you choose the best option for you.

Our team of experts has tested all major dating services, inspected every feature, and talked to members to bring you real reviews and rates.

Let us help you navigate the big and exciting world of online dating.

Dolce Dating was born from an idea by Frank Dolce, to help all users to consciously choose the dating site that best suits their needs.

In addition to having worked for years on some of the most popular dating sites, Frank was among the first to try the technology of online dating and understand how it can improve the life and interpersonal relationships of all people.

Dolce Dating offers users something new:

  • reviews and advice by experts
  • help via chat for choosing the best portal
  • Services for optimizing your profile


Of course, there is no better site than others but the one that suits you and what you are looking for.

As you will discover with our guides, there are many different types of sites from those that manage to discover people who have character and passions compatible with you to those where you can find an adventure.


Is online dating right for me?

Whatever you’re looking for, from friendship, flirting, or true love, the answer is yes: online dating is for everyone.

Nowadays, the perception of virtual acquaintances has changed.

Meeting someone online is like running into a new co-worker or new neighbor.

The categories of dating sites available online today are:

  • Matchmaker
  • Casual Dating
  • Adult Fun (adult dating sites)
  • 50+ Dating (if you are over 50 and want to meet people your age)
  • LGBT Dating
  • Transgender Dating
  • Religion-specific Dating
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